Right at your fingertips; a customised and highly effective HR solution which allows you to focus on what you do best.

VIRTUAL HR provides a broad range of services which can be tailored to the needs of your business and your budget.

We’re here to advise you, to help you fulfil your legal requirements as an employer, to minimise your risks and generally to have your back.


About Us

The legal requirements and administrative burden of being an employer can all too often take your time and attention away from driving your business forward and from the very reasons that you went into business. It doesn’t have to be that way. VIRTUAL HR understands exactly what is needed for every aspect of your employee management. We provide the HR services you require so that you can focus on your business, with peace of mind that we’ve got you covered.

Every employer we speak to wishes they had more hours in the day; both to get on with what they do best and to improve their work-life balance. Having VIRTUAL HR by your side, just when you need us, gives you that extra, experienced pair of hands with the necessary know-how to deal with the piles of paperwork you face. From up-to-date compliant contracts and employment handbooks to advice and hands-on support, we offer you an efficient and friendly level of service which is truly designed around your business needs.

Over many years of providing dedicated HR services across many business sectors in Jersey, we have built a strong reputation based on reliability, trust, timeliness, and excellence of delivery. That expertise is now available as an affordable, high-quality solution to help employers navigate the maze of complicated and often challenging employee-related matters. We’ll save you time, money and stress, freeing you up to focus on the profit-making areas of your business.


Our Services


Dealing with employees can sometimes be a nerve-wracking experience. When issues are not properly handled, they can escalate and leave you facing expensive and reputation-damaging proceedings. Or they can lead to time-consuming strained relationships with employees. VIRTUAL HR provides professional, experienced advice across the whole spectrum of human resources; advice you can rely on. From how to deal with specific employment issues through to how to move your whole HR activity onto a new plane, we’re here to help.

HR Administration

Let’s face it, HR generates an enormous amount of administration. Leave all that to us; get on with building your business, serving your customers, and improving your bottom line. Behind the scenes, we’ll keep your HR administration in good order.

Employment Documents

Throughout the employee’s journey with you; from recruitment and offer letter, to contracts, handbooks, policies and then the eventual parting of ways; you’ll need documents. We will provide these for you, tailored to your business, and written with regard to all relevant legislation. These can be for individual employees, as and when required, or as templates you can use moving forward.

Hands-on Support

Often you need more than just a template to follow, or professional advice; you need someone there to help. We will be as involved in your dealings with your employees as you want or need. We will conduct interviews and investigations or hold meetings as support for you.

Virtual Attendance

When you need someone in attendance at an employee meeting or hearing, we’re there to support you. We’ll back you up, provide an outside view, just perform the role of observer, or ask questions from an informed HR point of view.

Note Taking

Professional and impartial, we offer a quick turn-around, and relieve the burden of taking notes from you and your team. We’ll provide you with well-presented, error-free sets of meeting notes which will help avoid misunderstandings or ambiguity.


The better presented your documents, both public and internal, the more confidence you’ll inspire. Send them over to us and they’ll come back better! We offer various levels of proof-reading, from a version which eliminates unfortunate errors through to a full re-write.

What our clients say about Virtual HR

VIRTUAL HR strives to provide the best service possible and our clients’ feedback means a great deal to us. Here’s what our clients say about us.


Our Team

Anna Norton

Founder & Managing Director

Anna is driven by her desire to help you deliver the best results for your business through the effective management of your team; something she understands well from her previous experience in owning and running two successful businesses in Jersey.

With a background in operational management and business leadership, Anna decided in 2015 to specialise in Human Resources Management. She understood the impact that good – and bad – people management can have on the development of a business and wanted to share her expertise with other business owners and managers in Jersey. Offering consultancy services, advice and hands-on support, in sectors as diverse and wide-ranging as hospitality, finance, digital, retail, construction, childcare and charities, she soon realised the need for bespoke services and in 2020 founded VIRTUAL HR.

Anna holds a Diploma in Human Resources Management and is a member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD). In 2022 she was shortlisted for a CIPD Jersey Branch award in the category of Outstanding HR Professional of the Year and was nominated in the category of Start-Up for the IoD Director of the Year awards in both 2022 and 2023.

Organised, commercially-minded and approachable, and with understanding and in-depth knowledge of the HR aspects of many types of business, Anna has all the attributes to make VIRTUAL HR your on-call HR team.

Ian Stephens

HR & Business Support

Although known principally for his work in the theatre, Ian has over 30 years’ experience of managing small businesses in the arts, healthcare and charity sectors; in Jersey, the UK and East Africa. He has managed teams of up to 100 employees, as well as those of only two.

His writing portfolio ranges from journals and magazines to content for websites, blogs and social media campaigns, and from employee handbooks to business pitches and proposals. As an enthusiastic writer, note-taker, and proof-reader, Ian provides writing-based services and HR support for VIRTUAL HR clients.

Ian prides himself on creating documents/text which communicate/s easily and clearly to both employers and employees. He admits that he is perhaps slightly too passionate about avoiding grammar and spelling errors in VIRTUAL HR-generated documents.

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